Goddamnit, I miss you.

A couple seconds of Iron and Wine :3

"Everything will be alright."

My milk expires on October 18th.

I fucking hate commercials that push religion on the viewer, for example the “unreal” commercials that say if you are disconnected(in other words if you don’t believe in god)with god, then you’ll in turn be led into a life of sin. And just simply saying “god” or “jesus or “christ”, does not qualify as a swear word, it’s the name of an artificial life form that supposedly exists in dense forms of condensation and everywhere else. If that’s the case though, why should we use the names of celebrities “in vain” or the names of dead people for that matter. Fuck off, I’ll be waiting for a good argument.

I need comfort.

Fuck you.

I’ve been wondering about you.